Skin Care for Every Age

Skin Care for every age

I recently took showed my photo album of my trip to Rio to a friend and she commented on how young I looked in the pictures.  Although the trip was just three years ago and I realized that part of the youthful look I had in the pictures was attributed to it being a time where I was truly relaxed and just having fun.  Unfortunately, the real world is not as relaxing and there are demands every day from work and school and friends and family that can wear on our complexion and skin.  As your face is the indicator to the world on how you feel, it is important to do some maintenance at every age to ensure we are putting our best face forward.  When you think about the madness we deal with on a daily basis, why not take some time to pamper your skin?  I stopped in to Chic Esthetiq to get some recommendations on how to continue to keep a youthful glow no matter what your age and stress level are.

In your Twenties: This can be a revitalizing time as many people are outgrowing teen acne.  It is a great time to start a routine as maintenance of a good routine is better than jumping to corrective routines in later years.  With this usually being a busy time you can keep it simple with a cleanser, moisturizer and hydrating serum.  A good moisturizer with SPF production will protect against the fine lines dryness can cause and a night serum (try one with amino acids) can assist with replenishing skin lipids that the fun and partying of your 20’s can wear on.


In your Thirties: This can be the age of discovery for new marks and lines on your face.  Every trip to the mirror can be a new adventure of “Where did that come from???”  The great news is a slight tweak to your routine can have a great impact on small problems.  Moving up to a cleanser with some exfoliation component assists in replicating the natural skin exfoliation that occurred more frequently in your twenties.  Even if you don’t have the dreaded eye puff now, it is a great time to begin extra hydration, especially around your eyes, with an eye cream.  Stepping up your moisturizer and sunscreen is also a good idea to beef up your protection from dreaded sun rays.


In Your Forties: Your body naturally slows down in producing some important components to youthful skin at this age, but the good news is there are products that can do what nature can no longer do.  Mixing up your exfoliation with a foaming cleanser can assist in washing dead skin cells off consistently.  Your moisturizer and SPF combo now should also have some extra protection, try looking for one that fights free radicals with a healthy dose of antioxidants.  Serums that contain peptides do a great job rebuilding collagen and back up the changes with a retinoid based serum to give your texture a renewal.  Don’t forget the importance of a moisturizer!  Investing in one with an additional boost of hyaluronic acid not only supplies the skin with a healthy dose of hydration but it also helps your skin retain that moisture.

For more tips on great skin care advice check out the great staff at Chic Esthetiq.

Photo courtesy of Chic Esthetiq

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