Showcasing your legs with tights

TightsOnce the temperature drops our legs often go into winter hibernation.  But when it comes to your fashion choices, counting out your legs can knock out one of your best assets.  Accentuating your legs can provide the illusion of length and distract the eye from some of our less flattering features. So how can you showcase an asset while keeping warm in the cold winter months??? Tights of course!  Tights are a great way to keep warm, add some pizazz to your outfit and emphasize your legs.

The variety to the style and color of tights are endless.  For events on the conservative side opaque tights offer both warmth and add color.  You can use the color options for contrast to add a pop of color or a blending look to elongate your legs.   For events that are a bit more fun tights can add some sass or even be downright sexy.  While you do loose some of the warmth factor but the fun patterns and designs really add a strong visual impact to even the most basic ensemble.

The fun is not limited to age or even shape as you can add a splash of color or design modestly or in a full out showcase of your entire legs.  Without tights you may not want your legs out for fear of showcasing your legs imperfections but armed with tights it becomes more about the shape that the quality.  You can even take it a step further as tights now also come with shape wear so you have a win-win when it comes to showing a shape that turns heads.  Try it for yourself and see if tights are able to give a whole new look to a tired outfit.

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