Running for a family shape up


Staying healthy, at its best, is a family affair.  By including your loved ones into a plan to get healthy they can work as both companions and inspiration to stay on track.  There can be some real challenges in making fitness a family affair however.  A lot of fitness activities are geared to a particular age range and usually put the adults at the gym and the kids playing outside.  This may get the personal results but may not really instill a family mantra of health and fitness.  Doing some group activities that focus on fitness help motivate all of the family to make fitness a lifestyle not a fade.

With time being limited in my hectic life, I am a big fan of running to help get the family in shape.  Now I am not the fastest or strongest runner and neither is my daughter but running (or a fast walk) has a couple of benefits that put it above other activities for me.  First and foremost you have to be outside.  As a kid I was always running around outside.  Now with safety and work my daughter does not have the same opportunity to make outside her playground.  Taking some time to run, especially in a nice park, gets the blood flowing and can really bring some peace to all the demands you make of your mind.

Fresh air does something else important, takes away a lot of distractions.  Running is really a pretty simple act of putting one foot in front of another so you don’t have a lot to worry about.  It gives you a real chance to re-focus on your week and actually talk to each other. Any chance to share your life with your family is a welcomed one and sometimes having no other options are just what is needed to refocus on each other.

Last but not least running can be scaled up or scaled down for almost anyone.  Everyone does not have to be on the same fitness level to go for a run/walk.  Not starting on the same page does not mean everyone cannot get to the same place.  By making a habit of your run you can make and reach some group goals for running time and fitness.  Running can be the best of all worlds as you get the quality time, outside air and get your bodies moving as a family.

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