Road trips with the amigos: Texas Edition

Two pretty happy girls in the car. Concept of carefree roadtripRoad trips within reach: Summer is upon us and with that brings the need to recharge with some fun in the sun.  One of my must do’s in every summer vacation planning is a getaway with friends.   Something about my mandatory Pina colada along with a good mix of friends and relaxation takes away some of the stress of being an adult.  As a kid summer means hanging out with friends, relaxing and goofing off and bringing that in the mix as an adult brings back some of the energy and enthusiasm of being a kid.  The challenge is in the coordination and the cost that can come with getting your friends mobile for a getaway.  A key trick can be to keep the party close, but not too close to where you can’t really escape what happens on a daily basis.  Keeping your getaway options to things close enough to drive but far enough to be out of the city are key to a jam packed getaway with friends.  If you are from Houston or in the Texas area here are some fun options for your friend’s getaway.

Austin: Austin is a town that wears many hats: from college town to hill country or just plain weird.   a The range of options of fun Austin offers helps bring everyone together and then have everyone all wind down in their own way.  Few cities give you the options to take it as slow and focus on relaxing in the day with the drastic change of the jam packed night options that Austin gives.  Check out the hill country to relax but head into downtown for some of the night fun.

New Orleans: New Orleans is known as a party city that may not be for the faint of heart.  Anyplace I can get a frozen drink at the mall is a good place for me, but for those more on the conservative side New Orleans is a haven for history that can really take you away to a whole other world.  Between bayou tours, casinos and cemeteries there should be something for everyone even outside the nightlife.  Don’t forget the food!!! A requirement to handle the drinking intake but even without the drinks the food array in New Orleans provides some exceptional cuisine you are unlikely to find elsewhere in the country.

San Marcos: if your emphasis is on sun then San Marcos is the premier beach destination in Texas.  Given the size of the state it may take you as long to get there as going out of state but the trip gives a chance to do something else that is equally as fun, really enjoy a road trip with friends.  On the road in college we would load up on junk food and our favorite CDs to murder on the ride up.  Having some dedicated time to explore and talk helps you remind you that in good company getting there can be more than half the fun.

Dallas: Dallas offers a great urban escape that showcases the more metropolitan version of Texas.  There is an opportunity to take it slow at places like the Botanical Gardens but also a wide range of bars and clubs.  It gives a new spin on Texas but also provides some of the big Texas mainstays such as great food and landscape.

Lake Charles: I am not a big gambler but with the concentration of gambling and money comes accommodations to attract those gamblers.  Lake Charles has become a meca for gambling getaways and the hotels offer the music and food that comes as a part of the package even if you do not gamble.  L’Auberge is my favorite spot to getaway as the pool and food are top notch and help me to forget that I don’t gamble.  The people there are always ready to have a good time and it makes it easy for good times to roll

Wherever you getaway to time away with friends is a great way to get some concentrated love and support that makes friends invaluable to your battery recharge process.

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