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Its Just LunchAs with the beginning of most years I started off with eager anticipation of what the year could hold.  I made sure to start the year off by crafting a list of things I wanted to do over the year with zealous enthusiasm.  Although I listed making time to be open to love and dating on my list, that resolution quickly dropped in priority as the to do list of my life grows longer and the selection of available single men that are a good fit for me seemingly shrinks.  As a busy professional I find myself in a pickle when it comes to dating.  A lot of times in our personal and professional lives there is an element of control, where if you work hard enough you can eventually meet your goals.  When you add other people in the mix, as you need to in love and dating, the challenge is not just to work hard but to mix in compromise and a healthy helping of karma or luck to lead you to love.  Luckily there is a way to boost your chances when it comes to meeting the right person all in a way that respects the busy life that still has to be juggled when you are a working professional… It’s Just Lunch dating service for busy professionals.

The idea of a match maker sounds very old fashion like Yente from Fiddler on the Roof.  Times have changed, however, and match making has stayed the course in helping people connect with eligible singles.  The idea of match making may have evolved, but for a many of us it may feel like something that other people do while still hesitating to try it out ourselves.  In interacting with the match makers from It’s Just Lunch, however, the vibe is more of talking with a friend who plays attention to who you are and has a keen eye to what would work for you in a mate.  In taking the time to get to know you they help you skip some of the weeding out process that can make dating tedious.  At a certain point just knowing someone is equally invested in finding someone gives you some piece of mind that you are not wasting your time in the dating process with someone not looking for the same.  In doing so you can take the dating process back to something that is old fashioned, taking some time out of your life to have a real conversation with someone and being open to the possibility of where it could go from there.  At its best you step in the door and meet the love of your life and at its worst you have a good time with fun folks who have been handpicked to match up with your personality.  While not every path may lead to love, the chance to get out laugh and talk is always a win, and if nothing else you can remind yourself that with almost any success perseverance is a must.  You have to play to win and when you team up with It’s Just Lunch you are making sure you are playing with a championship team behind you.

If dating is on your to do list why not get to know the matchmakers at It’s Just Lunch? Check out the The Dating Game fundraiser for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society this Wednesday at Mr. Peeples.  It is a great way to party with a purpose and open your mind to getting some back up as you face the challenge of finding love.


  1. OMG! Such an amazing point of view from the single professional modern day women! Thank you so much for your postive words!

    -Robin(IJL Matchmaker)

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