Rethink work wear with the Gucci silk dress

Gucci draped dressWhen you think of professional attire, comfort is not at the top of the list for expectations.  As a lot of companies shift to allowing more business casual apparel in the office, however, the question becomes can you have both a look that is professional, comfortable and perhaps a little sexy?  The new collection from Gucci successfully tackled this challenge in their Brown Silk Button down dress. The dress is an automatic winner because it gives great balance because of the superb choices in shape and fabric.  By choosing silk the fit of the the dress is very accommodating to almost any shape.  The silhouette is defined to flatter (or create) a waist thanks to the belt that chinches everything in.  Silk is a beautiful material and the sheen and flowly nature of the fabric gives it a formal quality even with the dress having a very basic shape.  In choosing a darker color you add to the professional look of the dress but you still have the softness and comfort that silk is known for.  Finally you can play with the level of sexiness you want to add with the button down front closure to the dress.  Undue a couple of buttons to add a flash of leg or cleavage once work is done.  Great work Gucci in proving you can indeed have it all!

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