Refreshing the soul by deepening friendships

Girl's Night For a second year in a row I have had the holiday treat of spending some much needed quality time with some of my most dear friends and family.  Every time I get to spend some catch up time with the people that support me no matter what throughout the year is always filled with laughs and love.  This time we get in this fellowship of friends provides some of the much needed care required to conquer the pitfalls of everyday living.  Potentially time with almost anyone can result in good times, but spending real time with good friends is refreshing to the soul.

On the face it may appear as if there is no difference between really hanging out and doing some friendship maintenance? There is a mixing ingredient in just having fun with friends versus refreshing one’s soul through friendship, however.  TRUST.   Trust can be a very tricky thing as you not only have to open yourself up to sharing who you are with others you also have to take responsibility of being a trust worthy friend for others.  For me spending time with good friends gives you rare ability to both give and receive.  Not only do you get the support that comes with friendship but you give it in return.  In the balance you can personal invest time that it takes to become a more trust worthy person by identifying what you value in those you trust.

Yes even in fun, festive settings friendships can be deepened.  This year we did something new as we prepare to embark on a new year.  Around the roundtable we all shared the moment we were most proud of in 2013 and our top goal for 2014.   Doing so gives a chance to practice on some really important characteristics of trust: the ability to listen, to celebrate and to be transparent. In doing so you can help continue to breathe life into a friendship instead of letting it the relationship languish.

In reflecting on what we have been through and where we want to go we offer what fellowship is in its most basic level.  Friendship through the years can become muted as everyone has to prioritize their personal life.  Lifelong friends, however, have to find a way to withstand these transitions.  Trusting those friends in our past, present and future is a way to ensure that we take those we value today along for the adventures and mystery of tomorrow.

In life true friends are a foundation to balanced living, someone to share both your ups and downs with.  Reminding yourself of the friendship at your fingertips and that you don’t have to fight the good fight alone can add a boost when you are preparing for the upcoming challenges that will surely come in 2014.

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