Quickie guide to losing inches with the contouring body wrap

Great Day Houston postAfter my first conversation post volunteering to be a real women swimsuit model for Great Day Houston it struck me – I am going to be on TV… in my swimsuit… in four days.  Publicly wearing a swimsuit can be a pretty terrifying thing it poses a battle of what others might define as beautiful trust together with our own self-image.  For me the image was not as scary as the time frame however.  Normally I would plan for some serious work out effort and a carefully planned diet before planning on breaking out a two piece.  Without that option I wondered how I could get to the point where I actually felt comfortable in my own skin.  To assist in some last minute slim down efforts I turned to Chic Esthetiq and the Contouring Body WrapSweat suit gear for conturing body wrap The Contouring Body Wrap works as a toxin cleanser that trims down fatty areas that are often considered problem areas when we do the mirror self-check.  Going through the wrap process was the closest I will likely come to becoming a mummy as you are wrapped tight in cotton cloth strips.  The tight wrap combined with the solution of aloe vera and herbal solution that encourages fat and toxins to empty from the body’s lymphatic system.  After the wrap I hoped in a plastic suit and on the table and wrapped to encourage the perspiration that helps flush out some of the toxins.  After I was snug in as a bug, here comes the wait.  I felt like a swaddled baby while I relaxed in my body taco and let the solution, wrap and heat do their job.  Body Wrap relaxationA quick 45 minute nap later it was time to unwrap and check my results.  The wrap not only successfully helped me slim down 1.5 inches immediately in my biggest area of concern in a two piece, my waist, it also did a great job softening my skin.  All in all the wrap was great way to give me an extra boost of confidence in a short amount of time in preparation for my 45 seconds of swimsuit glory.  Even better as you have an option to package up your treatments in a package to continue both the detox and slim down benefits of the wrap.


  1. You look amazing and I LOVE that swimsuit/wrap combo!

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