Putting on the Ritz at the Junior League’s 1925 Charity Gala Preview

IMG_0510There is something magical about a good costume gala that can really transport you back to the era the party is paying tribute to.  The Junior League of Houston did a great job infusing the chic and swinging vibe from 1925 into their Annual Charity Ball Preview this year.  First and foremost the décor started your journey back to 1925 as soon as you stepped in the door.  Decking out with a smooth Gatsby elegance, you instantly knew the event was going to be something special.  The next and perhaps most critical component to having such a great costume party is the actual costumes.  You feel more the role when you and everyone surrounding you are dressed to the nine’s.  From swingers to gangsters the room was full of participants who were ready and willing to take the journey 90 years back and celebrate a time of exploration, music and dancing.  Of course I cannot forget my favorite part… Great friends to take in all the 1920’s chic throughout the building.  By mixing in other components such as wonderful food, tableside bottle service, festive entertainment and animated guests, the party was an Epic Way to kick of a celebration for a wonderful organization.  Without question partying for a purpose always increases the level of enjoyment by a notch knowing you are going to help a good cause.

IMG_0511 IMG_0509 IMG_0503

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