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For us ladies, a good purse is a mainstay for our closet.  Most of the time we choose something that can be a wardrobe pillar in a neutral color that can match with a range of outfits.   Although it great to have some mainstays, having a purse that is fun and personal is a great highlight for a special night is also critical.  Accessories can really add sophistication and style to almost any attire and having a piece that is unique and personal can elevate the whole Hanh Collection blueaesthetic of an outfit.  The Hanh collection unites art with handbags to produce a hand painted handbag with a variety colors and patterns sure to speak to your personality.  Statement pieces that are meant not only to speak volumes but to do the talking for you so finding a piece that says graceful, or fun or artistic can really make an impression.  The three dimensional texture in the pieces is really breath taking and make you question how much is fashion and how much is art.  These unique purses will be on display and available for purchase tonight at the kick-off event Hanh Collection black flowerfor the Heroes & Handbags luncheon so don’t miss your chance to make a statement and make an impact for a charity who works so hard to influence the lives of children.




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