Pulling the essence of wine with Pisco Porton

Pisco Porton 2Pisco Porton is a great way to take the essence of wine and concentrate it down to a versatile spirit that works as a great base for a wide range of drinks. From its base of fermented grapes the drink is able to transform into a singly distilled spirit which gets strength and versatility from the purity in its creation process.  At the Spec’s mixology series I was able to jump into the Pisco Porton exploration process with some old recipes and try my hand at creating new ones.Pisco Porton make your own

Here’s a guide to introducing your palette to the spirit as it reenergizes some old favorites

Keeping it simple

I always start out exploring something new just by tasting what qualities I am starting with.  Because of the way it is made Pisco Porton produces a really smooth drink that imparts only its own ingredients to build its flavor profile.  Pisco Porton is smooth solo, but even more importantly your palette begins to develop a plan on what other spirits or mixers will really develop the spirit into a cocktail you can love.

Moving on to classics reimagined

The combination for good drinks is relatively simple as it is just found in balance.  By taking a spirit and equal parts sweet plus salty or strength plus dilution you typically end up with something you can really sip and enjoy.  Pisco Porton allows you to start with a pure base and really showcase some great ingredients for a great drink.  Here are some of your favorites reimagined with Pisco Porton.

Peruvian Mule Peruvian Margarita Peruvian Cafe Portonero Porton Sour Porton Pisco Punch Pisco Capitan Pisco Bloody mary




















Letting imagination take the reigns

For some variations outside the usual reel of drinks we tried mixing Pisco with a great mix of ingredients.  Simply by adding muddled blackberries and a splash of simple syrup and ginger beer or muddled strawberries and pineapples with some ginger simple syrup a whole new reason to love Pisco was born.  In these combinations or a million combos you mix and match your way to a refreshing drink that is smooth in its flavor profile yet can still pack a punch.

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