Pulling out my inner vixen with my birthday ensemble

BCBG Vixen Birthday outfit 2016There are certainly times in your adult life where fashion guidelines towards being conservative must be followed. Say that important job interview or visiting a new church.  In those circumstances by all means dress your age and even air on the side of caution.  Your birthday, however, is not one of those days.  As opposed to another year older point of view I take birthdays as a true celebration of life.  However old you are the birthday is a gift and understanding that others may not have reached that number sets a gratitude to your birthday that makes you want to cherish every moment of it.

As I see birthdays as a celebration of anniversary of my birth and an appreciation of the life I have to life I tend to do it big on my birthday and that mentality has to extend to my outfit of choice. This year I stuck it out with BCBG as with all the hard work I have put in since giving birth I wanted to celebrate my curves.  No matter the age there is away to do midriff right and I think a little peak a book worked for me.  I choose a cropped faux leather shirt to give me the bold look that was perfect for celebrating aging like fine wine.  I paired a deep purple bondage skirt to make my look not quite soooo revealing and give a push of emphasis towards the curves and lines instead of the skin.  All and all I wanted vixen and I think I pulled it off, Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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