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Shop the Manor 1Your house is your sanctuary. It is the place where you go to rest and re-charge, celebrate and find peace so it makes sense that you infuse your style into your home to the make it your own.  At the Shop the Manor pop up shop at Atrium Ready to Wear they showcased some great examples of how small additions to your home décor can really go a long way.  When done well accessories not only change the look of a room but really evoke your style into your home.

malibuturq_largeShop the Manor is a great accessories site that offers some luxury pieces that can really make your home design pop.  What I love about Shop the Manor is their ability to pick something that is stylish and unique all within a range of budgets and in numbers small enough that the pieces still really seem unique.  Items like a fabulous chandelier or accent pillows help speak volumes to who you are and what you want the room in your space to embody for you.  Within the pop up shop fun items like pictures and even coasters show just the strong the impact can be as your eyes focus on the new and fun items when you walk in the room.  Even in a room of fabulous clothes my eyes wanted to immediately explore the trinkets and accessories that caught my eyes.  Similarly when coordinated in your space they become conversation starters and one of the best examples of just who you really are. Shop the Manor 3 Shop the Manor 2

Shop the Manor reminds us that things like couches and beds aren’t the only thing that define our home’s style. It is all those little characteristics that our personalities and who we are to what and what our style is.  Check out Shop the Manor for the perfect gift for the stylish person who has everything or who wans everything, with creative items throughout the site you can get inspiration on just how easy décor can go from blah to damn when you infuse your style and flavor into your interior design.

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