Planning a weekend getaway

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A weekend getaway presents a great opportunity to slip away from your everyday demands and get it in!  But what do you want to get in??? Should you focus on having the time of your life (PLAY HARD!!!) or plan a relaxing weekend to give some peace to your mind, body and soul (R & R).  It is always a challenge as most of the time I need a little, or a lot, of both in my life.  A fun weekend in Vegas, for example, sets the perfect stage for a fun weekend whose details you cannot repeat.  On the other hand do you have time to be wiped out for two days once you are back to real life trying to recuperate from the fun?  With both Play and R & R being high on the must do list I propose, as with most things, balance is best.

When planning for a rare and highly anticipated weekend away I LOOSELY follow this guide:

  • Do some ground work before you get there – Often there are some things you really want to do or enjoy when you are on your getaway.   With only a short amount of time available, it is impossible to do it all.  Waiting too late to make some decisions can leave you shut out in the cold for something’s that are on your must do list.  Make one or two firm commitments for what you want to do and pay attention to any opportunity you have to save money on the tickets or prices.  If a restaurant or show on your list there is a possibility it may be booked or sold out.  Anything more than a couple of scheduled items can make your trip feel like an agenda and you are officially ON VACATION.  As an added bonus, saving on your must do list gives some leeway on your want to do list.
  • When you touch down, ask around – No matter how hard you try it is impossible to know all the new and hot events and places before you touch down.  Asking around to the locals gives you an idea on what is special during your stay.  Not to mention you still have to live in the moment.  Before you left for your vacation your mind may have been on “Pour it up, Pour it Up” but after a looonnnggg night it may turn to “Lay It Down, Lay It Down”.  Besides the one or two things you have pre-planned be open to go with the flow.
  • Feel free to leave the real you behind – You don’t have to take it all with you.  If you are a workaholic 363 days a year then for the two days of your weekend getaway you are free to be exactly the opposite and be a complete bum. It is your time to leave the emails, to do list, deadlines and (dare I even say) Facebook behind.  In all likelihood no one knows you and even if they do, why is your vacation so high on their list of things to pay attention to.  At the end of the day those may be your last two days on the planet, why not make the best of it.  Adopt your own “Sasha Fierce” alter ego and get out there ready to make new friends and explore new experiences.

I will let you know how these tenants work for me this weekend in Vegas!  Let me know what excursion tips work for you.

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