Dreaming yourself into the fruits of your labor

Bentley Test DriveThe road between what you have and what you want is usually paved with lots and lots of hard work.  The journey between the two is long and most people either stop or get lost along the way because they lose sight of the clear focus of what they want.  Without the focus the reason for all the sacrifice and hard work can start to feel like it is not worth the trouble.  The good news is that even if you don’t have it now, you can still inundate your senses with what it looks and feels like to have what you want and start building the bridge of how to get there.

What do tell does this projection looks like??? Well I took a spin in the Bentley Continental GT Convertible in my “picture me now”.  Testing out something tangible that reflects the life you want to live.  In my test drive I got to feel what the wheel felt in my hands and the gas felt like on my feet.  Dropping the top I smelled the fresh air and saw how good the Bentley looked on me (or I looked on it).  Even from a temporary experience you can lock in your brain what it feels like to have what you want.  This memory can bridge the gap that be tired, or frustrated or depressed can fill in your hole.  It is the extra bonus you can put in when you feel like giving up.  Your brain already knows what it feels like to be where you are and but giving it some sensory experience on how it feels can reach your goals gives your brain something new to believe in.  Funny thing about that is when you believe in what you want your actions begin to reflect the behavior to get there.  A quick test drive won’t do that alone but it is a great step in filling the pool of motivation that life can frequently leave on empty.


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