Perfectly Polished with the Clarisonic Mia

 Mia_White_Front_1000x1000One of Me sans make upmy favorite things about the holidays is all the opportunities to make some memories with friends and family and of course to take lots and lots of pictures.  This of course means that you must be camera ready so the memories you are making are actually ones that become wall worthy.  My friend and beauty guru, Chanta Jones, made a great recommendation for me in getting ready this holiday season (AKA The picture season), the Clarisonic Mia.  It can be really easy to just make focus on makeup and accessories, but as with all holiday decorating, you have to clean up first before you start decking the halls.  Making sure your face is as flawless as you can make it ensures you are ready for memory making from when you first wake up to when you doze off on the couch after your third glass of egg nog. 

I have heard about the Clarisonic Mia for a while and in short I have been reluctant to try because I am skeptical and a little cheap.  I have had super oily skin and the problems that come along with it since puberty struck.  As far as the technical reasons as to why this brush works better I am not sure but as a practical user my bet is on the vibrations.  As a user of the brush, however, I will say that it’s not just the movement of the bristles, it’s the vibrations that make me feel like I am getting my skin super clean and ready for my close up.  It is already programmed to stop after one minute so less time cleaning plus a better clean should be a win in anyone’s book.  As far as the results, well the proof is in the pudding and I am here at work blemish free with no make-up on.   I am definitely a fan of Christmas make up but taking time to take care of the basics makes me feel good no matter what the occasion.  Dare I say even ready to take on the world sans make up!

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