Perfecting the party in the heart of New York City at the Dream Downtown

Some hotels are just a perfect fit for you as a traveler and if you are a vibrant, trendy, life of the party kind of person then the Dream Downtown in New York may just be your glass slipper.  New York in itself is a magical city.  It offers almost a taste of anything you can ask for, from high fashion to dive bars to art and music, all providing the city with a unique heartbeat you can feel as you beat the streets.  The Dream Downtown is no exception to this eclectic mix of everything offering a posh getaway in the heart of the city.

From the entrance to hotel you are quickly introduced to the idea that you are on to something fun. With a vivacious lobby area, frequently pulsating with the line for the bar top party you come in wanting to get the party started.  Perhaps you are a bit more low key and prefer a more mellow scene at the bar.  Or perhaps you want to slip upstairs to their PHD Rooftop Lounge for libations and new sensations.  Either way you are sure to be surrounded by those who don’t just hit the scene, they make the scene.  We wandered into the bar the first night to be greeted with an impromptu Pusha T Concert that set off a night of New York adventure.  And to balance the amazing nightlife they have on location, they have an equally cool day scène with their pool area.  With the chic stainless steel frontage and amazing pool drinks it is a great way to unwind from a long night or begin the crank up early to keep the party going. And once the partying is done you are within blocks to a foodie’s paradise, from brunch locations to fine dining all within a few blocks so what better win-win could there be?

The draw back that typically exists for hotels that provide such a fun time is that you usually have to sacrifice your accommodations. For the Dream, however, while you are still definitely on New York dimensions, the same stylish theme from the lobby and common areas is perfectly carried through to the room.  Offering comfy beds and luxury feel in a cozy room the Dream presents the perfect party trifecta of play, rest, and repeat!  With excellent service to top off the stay the hotel is my go to for fun in New York!

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