Perfect gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and of the question of the day has become what do you get mom??  Moms do a lot of work throughout the year and after all the worrying, fussing, checkup calls, and daily to do reminders wash away, we know they do because the love us to pieces, always have and always will.  So on this day to celebrate a Mother’s Love here are some gift ideas to show the special mom in your life that all of the hard work has not escaped you and you appreciate it:

Trellis Spa at the Houstonian:

TrellisThe Trellis Spa at the Houstonian is truly one of my favorites in town.  The Houstonian Hotel is the model for upscale luxury and the spa holds true to that legacy.  The spa packages at the Trellis have some fantastic combinations so you can suit your mom’s preferences whether that is a facial, pedicure, massage or more.  They also offer a great way for your mom to make the experience phenomenal, often including food and wine in their package options.  What puts the Houstonian at the top of the list for me is the opportunity to make a day event at of the package or service.  Between enjoying the beautiful grounds, steam room, meditation area or pool there are a million ways to be pampered like a queen at Trellis.

Chic Estique Med Spa Package:

Mom Needs a FacialPerhaps your mom has hit the spa a couple of times and is looking to step up her options in the rejuvenation area.  Chic Estique Spa is a true med spa that is on the cutting edge of services and products to help turn back the hands of time and restore a youthful appearance.  What I love best about Chic Estique is that they really focus on products and treatments that treat a wide range of issues and skin types.  Skin care is not a one size fit all area and having a spa that is knowledgeable and honest about what treatment will and will not work for you is critical to actually getting the results they promise.  Between their offerings of facials to medical skincare to laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments your mom is sure to find something that helps with the wrinkles and worry lines that come along with being a mom.

ARW Jewelry:

Adriane R Wiltse Designs I feel in love with ARW Jewlry at the Rice Village Flea Market and the unique designs and customized offerings make this a great option when it comes getting something special for a mom who has everything.  Outside of the fabulous designs that Adriane creates for sale she offers a couple of options to ensure that the piece for your mom is one of a kind.  You can choose between creating a custom designed piece if you are more hands on with what your mom likes or do a makeover with something that she already has and loves or holds special sentimental value for her.    Either way the result is a present that steps outside the normal grab and go Mother’s Day Jewelry.

Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home:

Lulu Frost Art Deco Cuffs $270-$600bracelets (2) Julie Rhodes selection Inge Christopher Antigua Soft Snakeskin Clutch_$208 (2)At this point the heat is on with Mother’s Day just a couple of days away and your mom expecting something awesome.  With time being of the essence, the one stop shopping experience available at Julie Rhodes Fashion can’t be beat.  The boutique offers a small store vibe in ease of browsing but a pretty wide selection of styles to fit a wide array of tastes and shapes.   With a super friendly and helpful staff it is pretty easy to come in with an idea and work with the staff to make that idea become the reality of a perfect Mother’s Day present.  From dress clothes to work clothes to jewelry and accessories and even home décor options you can cover all the bases in record time at Julie Rhodes (and still have time to grab a cookie from Tiny’s No. 9).

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