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Pedi LoveWith the weather heating up it is about time to retire the boots and pull out the sandals.  Putting on the sandals, however, should not be a release of the Kracken.  Taking care of your feet is a hard job for women and men as the desire to be cute often outweighs the desire to be comfortable.  With the cold of the winter it is easy to get lost in the dryness that winter causes and be caught by surprise once the sun and heat shows its face again.  I am a big fan of not only taking care of your toes but in celebrating the seasons with your choice in nail decoration.

The basics of a pedicure are something every woman (and man) can find some joy in.  How many times after a long day do you wish there was someone there to rub your feet?  Your feet can be a real pressure point in your body and being able to release some of that tension can quickly change your smile into a frown.  Outside of the tension, getting a pedicure on a regular basis encourages whomever you love to find some joy in taking part of the relaxation process for you.  Plus you can avoid some of the embarrassment that comes from the ash and crustiness of unkempt feet.

The kind of person I am, however, I don’t like to just stick to the basics.  I use my nail polish with a pedicure to really celebrate the season.  Yes it is pretty festive but a little decoration goes a long way in highlighting a great pair of peep toes or fun flip flops.  With nail art being so popular a quick online search can find the right decoration for any and every occasion from Valentine’s Day to some fun in the sun.  A fresh manicure is the equivalent for your feet that a facial and professional make up application is for your face.  Whether you keep it simple or try something more exotic you’re almost guaranteed to feel better, inside out.

If you’re in Houston check out my favorite nail salon, Nail Desire… the possibilities are endless.

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