Passage of the Guardians with The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet passage of the guardians with Master of Scotch Craig Vaught

The Glenlivet passage of the guardians with Master of Scotch Craig Vaught

“Fruity or Floral, Spicy or Smoky?” No, you are not choosing your favorite perfume, in the world of whiskey these questions determine which path you will follow to meet your match in the many flavors whiskey has to offer.  For many the thought of whiskey is a big leap for their palette, instead choosing to play it a little safer with drinks on the more mellow side of the street.  The Glenlivet passage of the guardians (1)When you jump with both feet into the world of whiskey, however, you find that whether your focus a drink’s balance, smoothness or flavor you can probably find something you love on the whiskey aisle.  I had the opportunity to attend the Guardians event by The Glenlivet yesterday and got not only some great insight into the world of Scotch Whiskey’s but also a reminder as to why The Glenlivet is one of my favorite Scotch Whiskey’s.

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Set in the elegant Parador in the Museum District, the Nights of Passage The Glenlivet event transformed the venue into a museum for the history, fashion, and fun that has risen out of The Glenlivet brand since its inception.   Craig Vaught, the Master of Scotch, was on hand to share his insight on why the brand has become such an amazing staple in the world of whiskey.  The often imitated but never duplicated recipe and history that lead to the branding of The Glenlivet speaks to the craftsmanship that makes this spirit so exceptional.

The Glenlivet passage of the guardians (13) The Glenlivet passage of the guardians (12)For the Night of Passage with The Glenlivet we received an expert tour guide into the world of whiskey by Craig Vaught.  One of the first doors you will face when entering the world of whiskey is the choice between Single Malt and blended whiskeys.  For Craig this crossroads is similar to choosing the balance of a fine violin that comes from a single malt versus the smooth boldness that comes from the whole orchestra you can find in a blend scotch.  Each choice may be difficult but equally rewarding and we followed the smoothness route to the range of The Glenlivet products.

Following that decision we were presented with the question that really divides and conquers for a preference for drinking whiskey:

Aroma – Choosing between the fruity, floral, smoky or spicy bouquet of each whiskey

Palette – How does the whiskey sit on your palette

Finish – After the drink is done, what notes of flavor remain

The Glenlivet passage of the guardians (5)The aging process having a powerful effect on the answer to these questions. When you pay attention, though, you can find your perfect fit all within the same brand by narrowing down your answers to the tough.  The 12 year offers a smooth finish with fruity undertones that are universally popular while the 15 year offers a bolder, and spicier version with more of a kick to your palette.  For the best of both worlds, the 18 year version gives you all of the smoothness found in the 12 but some of the more bold favors and finish you find in the 15.  All in all there is no better way to find your fit than trying them all out side by side and the Nights of Passage Guardian event by The Glenlivet gave the perfect opportunity to do that.  Try out all the versions including some of the newer favors such as Nadurra or Guardians and experience the history, taste, and enchantment you can find with The Glenlivet.  The Glenlivet passage of the guardians (16)



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