New Rules for Suit Success

New Suit StyleNavy and gray suits are the standard for professional attire.  Although the look may be perfect for interviewing for a new job or making power moves at the one you have, the look can get a bit monotonous and fail to showcase some of the personal appeal that can be translated through fashion.  A standard suit is not always the best fit for the more relaxed and personal nature of some businesses today.  For me I favor some pants and jacket options that give a similar feel of a suit but with the comfort and style needed to let me work hard and show my own style when doing it.  New suit options combine fun and funky embellishments and relaxed and comfortable fabrics to break the standard of what to and what not to wear.  The variations in these rules are especially valid in hot and humid climates like summer time in Houston.  Dressing up in a full suit can be the equivalent of jumping in a sauna with even a short walk outside.  When combining the concerns for climate and comfort finding alternatives to traditional suiting rules become a necessity.

One of my favorites is this BCBG jacket with flower cutouts and pants.  The cutouts and crop of the jacket give it more of a poncho look and by using an accent color for the base shirt you can lengthen the look of your torso and add a splash of color.  The pants provide some stretch so they can provide more comfort fit.  The comfort is crucial as sitting in a stuffy suit can make a long day of work seem twice as long.  By choosing materials that move and breathe can give back the comfort needed to tackle the chair affair throughout the day.

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