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Halloween at the W (29)The strange mix of fun, horror, and dress up makes Halloween one of the days I look forward to most every year.  My love for the holiday leads me every year to search to find or make costumes that I love only to show up at a party where I feel like one of the few who got the memo that costumes and Halloween go hand and hand.  This year I decided to take my costume show on the road and headed to LaLa land to explore how Los Angeles does Halloween soirees.

Halloween at the W (22)

Halloween at the W (24)While the party choices in LA were hard to narrow down, I took some guidance from the locals and ended up at the W Hollywood for their annual Halloween celebration.  The whole hotel seems to cater to the love of Halloween as even the lobby was pulled into the fun that took over the entire bar and lounge area of the hotel.  As opposed to ballroom parties, using the lobby kept the space feeling fun and the party moving.  The crowd was definitely packed, however, with an included balcony there was definitely enough space for you to take a break and get some air or stay on the dance floor and feel the vibe of the crowd.  I loved the balcony area with huge pictures of some unforgettable actors and of course the premium bar for those who purchased the all you can drink bracelets.

Halloween at the W (28) Halloween at the W (27) Halloween at the W (16) Halloween at the W (2)With drinks pouring and the music flowing it’s hard to ask for anything more, but indeed my favorite part of the night was the costumes.  From Alice in Wonderland to Batman everyone got their crew together and came coordinated and ready to go.  There is something about a costume that allows people to be a little friendlier and party just a little harder (of course the all you can drink bar helped out with that as well).  Throughout the night I laughed, took pictures, compared costumes and had a great time all with perfect strangers with the love for Halloween as our common connection. Halloween at the W (26) Halloween at the W (28)





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