Music and libations at a fun trip to Ace Hotel New Orleans

ace-hotel-new-orleans-5Some hotels you choose for the luxury and others you choose for the location but a special few hotels you choose for the fun and Ace Hotel in New Orleans is one of them.  New Orleans is a city of fun and revelry so a lot of times you just need a hotel with clean rooms where you can get a couple of winks of sleep before the next run.  With that in mind I was a little reluctant about choosing Ace as it was not directly in the French Quarters and I was unfamiliar with the brand.  My friend, who has more contacts in New Orleans, assured me that Ace Hotel was the new place to be in New Orleans with a poppin lobby and party atmosphere so we decided to give it a go…Best decision of the whole trip.

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As soon as we pulled up to Ace Hotel with their casual mix of bellhops and lingering guest I knew it would be something different.  The lobby of Ace Hotel is a very long list of cool kids.  With libations flowing and music bumping it feels like you have magically stepped into an eclectic bar in the French Quarter.  Ace reinforces the lively atmosphere with a music schedule of local performances that escalate the room to a concert venue.  Even with the short ride to the French Quarters we found there were nights that it was never necessary to leave the hotel.

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Night time fun is one thing but when a hotel can captivate your days in New Orleans too you have confirmed you are to something special. The pool at Ace is amazing and a quick trip up to get some fun became a whole day of fun with locals, visitors, musicians and everything in between.  The drink specials at the pool bar are delicious but also really pack a punch that gets you in the lounging kind of mood.  The guest and locals that come still give off the cool kids and we quickly joined some locals in lively chats about everything from Vegas to sugar daddies to topless bars in New Orleans.  The food, while limited to grill options, was delicious and had me daydreaming about their salad the rest of my trip.  While Ace may not be the best choice if you are a room fanatic, with very dorm like starkness, if you are going to have a great time moving around and partying then without question Ace is in your top picks.

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