Moonshine…not for the backwoods anymore

Moonshine reloadedOn a night out on the town in Hollywood, I don’t expect to be surprised by much so stumbling about moonshine was a shocker for me.  Stepping into the Five O Four bar and making the decision of what to have is usually a big one for me so I was more than a little surprised to see that the drinks specialties were cocktails all based with the secret ingredient of moonshine.

What I have known about moonshine to date is limited to something I ran into in a dry county many moons ago and the show moonshiners.  In my mind, however, the liquor is limited to versions of whiskey or vodka that instantly make hairs pop out on your chest.  Versions that have evolved to spirits with a lot of sophistication and an array of flavors have evaded me to this point.  But here on the menu at Five O Four I was face to face with old classics reimagined with moonshine.  With offerings of a refined version of the strength moonshine is known for with different infusions from the process they are a true contender now in the cocktail arena.  Here are some of the drinks and recipes with a moonshine twists:

Louisiana Lemonade: Blueberry moonshine and lemon juice

Southern Peach: Peach moonshine and peach soda

Drunken Watermelon: Watermelon moonshine, lime juice, lime slice

Moonshine Margarita: Pineapple moonshine, triple sec, lime juice

Cherry Coke: Cherry Moonshine, coke, maraschino cherry

Step up to moonshine and check out something old that may become a new favorite!


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