Mixed Media at the Museum of Fine Arts

Mixed mediaArt is a celebration of life but far too often enjoying art does not feel like a celebration.  You walk through a museum and the expectation is to silently enjoy the art.  That is a great way to really take in art, but it is far from being a true celebration.  Like many of the best things in life, art is way more fun when shared.  Today, you get to enjoy life and art all at once at the Mixed Media event at the Museum of Fine Art Houston.  Art takes a whole new light in the midst of enjoying it with friends and music and libations.  All of these things are the true to life inspiration of art so why not mix inspiration and the art to get a better appreciation.  Mixed media dancing Mixed media art appreciation  Mixed media people shot Mixed media people ice scupture Mixed media dj

With a musical line up to include Lunice, DJ Sun, Gracie Chavez & Navo, John the Third and The New Mercies the museum will be rocking to a whole new beat.  Plus with the opportunity for dancing you get a chance to express the vibe that the ambiance and art motivate you to do, be it through words or laughter dancing or music.  It’s a great way to enjoy a new look for the summer.

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