Mixed Media and Monet combine for a perfect Friday Night

Mixed Media and Monet (1)Picking your pleasure in the world of social fun is never easier or better packaged than in the Mixed Media series at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  While normally it may seem like going to a museum and a fun dance party are on two completely sides of the spectrum, The Mixed Media series manages to deliver the best of both world, with access to the current exhibit combined with drinks, music and dancing in the main portion of the library. Mixed Media and Monet (4)

This Mixed Media was surprisingly poignant to me as I got a chance to see the exhibit: Monet and the Seine – Impressions of a River.  I am a big art lover, but mainly I am drawn to pieces that capture life as it moves around people.  Coming into the exhibit I was not sure what to expect when I thought of Impressions of a River.  Mixed Media and Monet (2)So when I made my way up the stairs, away from the drinking and party, and up to the exhibit I thought I would just make a quick round.  Instead I did just the opposite, I starred at the paintings and absorbed the experience as if time stood still.  The exhibit itself was truly mesmerizing to me.  The tranquility of the impressions of the river as well as the artistry that it took to show such simple reflections of light and space at a river so effortlessly was intoxicating.  It was easy to just slip right in to see the world through the eyes of Monet and breathe in the sounds of a river at peace, or the reflection of the trees in the stillness of the water.  It was a great contrast to real life as well as the busy party environment to check off a lot on my checklist of weekend activities.

Mixed Media and Monet (6)As I stepped out of my art trance I was quickly drawn back into the fun of the night’s festivities. As always DJ Sun manages to get the crowd moving.  What I love best about DJ Sun is his ability to feel the crowd so well his song selections get you moving even if the song is a mystery to you.  By perfectly matching the vibe of the crowd with the rhythm of the beat it’s almost impossible not to indulge in a little boogie.  When you add in a photo booth, great food, and a bar, I have pretty much entered a social nirvana. Mixed Media and Monet (5) Mixed Media and Monet (8) Mixed Media and Monet (7)



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