Medieval good times at the Texas Renaissance Festival

Tex Ren Fest 2015 (4)With the end of the year and holiday season always comes another one of my favorite traditions, The Texas Renaissance Festival. Yes it is a festival but more like a festival on steroids offering all of the food and entertainment of a normal festival but without the temporary structures and set ups that a festival builds itself on. Instead The Texas Renaissance Festival is more like stepping back a couple of centuries. As you are whisked back in time you can quickly get lost in a world of magic, or kings and queens or even barbarians if you allow your imagination to go there. If not you can just dive feet first in the celebration of food and fun that makes up the Renaissance Festival. In our group within the first 10 minutes we had fairy ears and food galore and it started what was a wonderful day of enjoying old friends and new friends alike.

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Outside of the food which is always a highlight for the festival the entertainment is always on point. From bird shows to fire whips to the Jousting Show a whole day can quickly slip by with still more left to be seen and done. Even topping the amount of options is the fact that you don’t have to just watch, you can take part of the show as screams and yells are what make this interactive shows true entertainment. It is not even just in the scheduled shows as the entire festival gives you the opportunity to hop in and join in on the fun. As you move from face painting to picking up a corset to throwing on a hat you find yourself more and more in the spirit of fun that makes the Renaissance Festival a must for me every year to kick off my holiday season.Tex Ren Fest 2015 (12)


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