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Maxi Dress 2Even in today’s age of skin, skin and more skin there is something alluring about packing some of the skin away and letting the imagination do the heavy lifting.  I am admittantly a maxi fan both for the shape the dresses provide but also for the ease.  The ease of wearing maxi dresses are the basis of the reason of why they are a mainstay in my wardrobe.  There is something appealing about an all in one outfit and when in a rush or on the move.  Not having to coordinate pieces always helps to streamline my day.  Not to mention the wide array of possibilities when it comes to slipping on a maxi.  With styles that range from tight to structured to flowly you can feel comfortable on the move with the stress-free ability to choose from a range that simple options like a maxi provides.  Keeping it simple is a great fashion guideline that allows you a canvas to accentuate with accessories and shoes.

When you combine the ability to stress the curves paired with the ease in wearing them Maxi’s have become indispensable for me.  Maxi’s are a great way to provide some of the illusion that comes in a silhouette as opposed to seeing something more of what is underneath. For the body, maxi dresses are a great foundation because the emphasis is on the shape.  Flaunting the curves instead of the skin gives an alternative to ramp up the appeal.  With the great maxi choices now available they even have options with built in bras and shapers to help in ensuring the canvas is flawless.  Even without the extra assistance just by focusing on the gathering point you have a great opportunity to highlight or even create curves.  By playing with where the dresses chinches, below the breast or at the waist or even at the dropped waist, you can put your best assets to the forefront and balance some trouble spots with the illusion of height.  Play with materials and colors and maxis can take you from playdates to power plays in zero to sixty.

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