Marriott Lakeshore Reserve Hotel Review

rosen-shingle-creek-7The Marriott Lakeshore Reserve Hotel offers a great home away from home option with visiting Orlando.  Being the USA theme park central has made visiting Orlando synonymous with family travel.  Having access to amenities as well as home conveniences like a fridge and microwave can be invaluable to making sure you stay on budget and get the most of your experience.  The Marriott Lakeshore Reserve hotel operates as a timeshare property/hotel so it is a great in between for bring together groups at a central starting point for exploring Orlando.

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The trade off on some of the homey amenities is restaurants and some of the high end comfort of other hotels rooms. This tradeoff is forgettable, however, for a family that wants to stay on the move.  The pool and lazy river in the property have the perfect mix of relaxation and fun and the property store serves snacks and quick bites.  My favorite part of the property was actually the grounds themselves.  Even outside the pool and slides the opportunity to have fun was woven in and out the property.  With games, ping pong, outdoor tv’s, and a setting on a scenic lake you couldn’t ask for more if your goal on vacation was to actually spend time with your family and not just cooped up in a hotel room staring at the tv.  While not the most luxurious choice, the variety of room options and great opportunities to get out and have fun the Marriott Lakeshore Reserve gives you the opportunity to do what is most important on a family vacation, spend meaningful, attentive time with your actual family.

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