Mamba Mentality

Mamba Mentality

After Kobe Bryant’s recent injury, I read a quote from him that really hit home.  Kobe stated – “Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.”  Kobe’s fierceness as a competitor has always been a highlight to who he is as a player.  Despite previous successes or failures he is always hungry for the next win on his personal quest to be the greatest.  What is most inspirational to me is his timing, however.  Its easy to have a mamba mentality when you are on top but a lot harder to remember when you feel closer to be the bottom.

As I am on the final leg of my law school career that Mamba mentality is just what I need for my final push for the finish.  The idea of mamba mentality actually reminds me of the old tale of the tortoise and the hare.  Despite the odds and where you stand in the race, how to have and keep a laser focus on the goal.  Now that means sometimes you may be in last place.  Maybe even in last place so long you forget what the forerunner’s faces look like as familiar you are with their backs.  Nonetheless once quitting is no longer an option.  It is not a question of if the goal will be reached but only how to reach it.  How do you put your feet to the floor and attain your goals?  Well running faster, jumping higher, having more awards can indicate you win a battle.  But endurance is the only option for winning a war.  Honestly I am sick of law school.  When I started in 2009 I did not understand in the least the toll four years of none stop school takes on you.  Not to mention the demands of work and being a mom.  But even though I am sick and tired of school I am leaning on my own Mamba mentality.  I will win the race by finishing the race.  Maybe I won’t be first but for me finishing is the conquering and so come May the war will be done with law school but still on for life.  How do you show your own Mamba mentality to reach your goals?

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