Karma vs Retribution

Karma Measurement Speedometer Level Track Your Good Luck Fate DeKarma’s a bitch.  In my youth I knew the word karma meant you get back what you give out but I also took at as an added bonus that those who crossed me who have hell to pay later.  Often I sat back and waited for it and as misery and doom descended on their life I couldn’t help but get a kick out of how life did a better job at retribution than I could ever do.  Although it did not heal my wounds it gave me a little satisfaction that they later learned the lesson or experienced the heartache that they caused me to deal with.  With age, however, my view on the cause and effect of karma has lost its payback component and has become more of a way to inspire me to do the right thing.

My reasoning for the change in views was pretty simple, in expecting the bad karma other others to have a negative action on their fate, I was breeding negativity in myself.  Even if I did nothing, the something bad was in a “Wait for it” hold in my mind.  I was not letting go of what was done to me, I was really just waiting on my revenge to come from some other source.  The question becomes though “How easy it to hold something and let go of it at the same time?” Is the purpose for doing going things is to do something good, instead of being rewarded?  Depending on how the question is answered your efforts can take on totally different meanings and eventually your actions takes on a life of it’s own.  You can let go of the look back and keeping score of others good and bad when others wrong you knowing that your positive action or above and beyond effort was enough in and of itself.  Whether it is appreciated or repaid can be left at the curbside.  Essentially I stopped trying to be life’s scorekeeper of who has good or bad karma.  In letting go I can remember that life is not just about reward and punishment but enjoying all the life giving moments in between.  And truth be told these moments are more easily enjoyed when you have a smile on your face and a positive heart.


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