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ICON Induction CeremonyOver the years I have been apart of a lot of organizations that touted professional development or networking opportunities.  Within these structures there are always opportunities to meet new people and expand the reach of your scope to your market or potential clients.  Although some of these organizations are a must in building your network or exceling in your business, few of these organizations vest a personal interest on how well you fare.  If you are outgoing, chances are you will successfully meet others and if not then you will find who you connect with personally and stay in your lane.  I encourage everyone, however, to also include in their mix organizations that are equally interested in building your own character through a shared purpose with likeminded individuals who you can learn and grown from.

I was recently lucky enough to join the I.C.O.N. Women’s Organization and even at induction I was inspired by the spirit of sisterhood and service prevalent throughout the organization.  While it was my good fortune to stumble upon the organization it can be difficult to really discover an organization that will not just offer opportunities to grow professionally, but personally as well.  Here are some of the criteria I look to when deciding if I want to devote my time, talent and treasures to an organization:

Purpose: Everyone wants to be motivated.  Organizations whose focus is beyond their members always give you an extra boost of why to participate.  We all one to do things that are good for us but that limits the things we are willing to do to those things you like or you are good at or are easy.  When the purpose is bigger than just your need to meet people or share your services, you are able to push past some of the blocks, interruptions and “I don’t want to’s” that can waiver your commitment to an organization.

How are connections built: Throwing you in a room with a bunch of people often results in people sticking to who they know and already like, leaving new comers having to fend for themselves.  Great organizations have members who were welcomed into the fold and likewise see new comers as an opportunity to meet someone new and learn new things.  When these connections are strengthened with the opportunity to get to know members, both new and old, on a personal level you get the most genuine introduction to the spirit the organization stands for.

Participation and Accountability: Let’s face it, if you showing up is just at your option or convenience there are going to be lots of times you just don’t make it.  Organizations that set given participation requirements may seem like a pain but that structure breathes life into the idea that you get what you give.  By meeting the participation requirements you get a chance to really give to the organization and get things you may not have anticipated that add to the person you are on the road to becoming the person you want to become.  By collectively holding people responsible to make an organization great you move from passive participation to actively caring about both the organizational goals and your other members.

I.C.O.N. is a great way to get involved in the community and expand your network through sisterhood.  Check them out and sound off on some other great organizations that work to build its members and its community.


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