Jackets – The Superhero of Day to Night Fashions

Networking Jacket wear Business Jacket wear 2Jacket what lies beneath

Ever have plans after work and wish you could pull a Superman and hop into the nearest phone booth, popping out dressed and ready to go? I have yet to pull off the phone booth five second change but I have pulled a couple of 180’s armed with my legion of dressy yet fun jackets.  Jackets give you the opportunity to look sleek and stylish when you need to and pack away the fun party spirit that the attire underneath hides perfectly.  Jackets that are armed with belts give even more of an advantage when it comes to switching things up because of the shapes you can create with the belting.  You can start with a relaxed fit by removing the belt or snap on the belt to add an hour glass that is always flattering.  The belt also gives the flexibility of control as you can set how much or how little you want to show of the jacket underneath.  My Louis Vuitton trench is an oldie but goodie and I move through keeping it sleek for work, to fun for networking to sultry for the afterparty in a couple of snaps and pulls.  Although it’s not as dramatic as hopping in a phone booth, you still get the dramatic results of an outfit transformation in the same amount of time.

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