Jacket Love


Jackets are definitely my obsession, partially because I am always cold.  This Tracy Reese jacket was love at first sight for me and six years later the love is still real.  That is one of the best things about choosing items of clothes that really speak to who you are and your personality.  You will always go back and they are a lot slower to go out of style because they represent you, not whatever trend is in.  This jacket has neutral colors with a fun print but what probably sells it best is the replicated cut of a wrap dress.  It gives the streamlined appearance of a dress and the length gives you a lot of options as far as what lies beneath.  You can easily wear it with some leggings or jeans and few people will be the wiser with a classy pair of knee boots.  Best of all a dip in the weather does not have to doom your fashion passion.  This jacket is lined to keep you warm but packs a style knockout that will be sure to turn heads when you walk in.

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