Announcing the Inspire Leadership Series

Inspire Definition Magnifier Showing Motivation Encouragement And InspirationThe picture of crossing the finish line of any marathon captures a moment in time of success.  What is not captured and what many cannot see is the miles of running and hours of hard work and preparation it takes to successfully cross the finish line on race day.  The road to success if filled with detours, stop signs, and pot holes all faced while often running on empty.  Learning how to navigate both these internal and external challenges define success of almost any leader throughout their career.  The Inspire Leadership Series focuses on business men and women seen at the pinnacle of success share an intimate look back on the road that lead them to their present and guides their future.  This perspective of the long road to success provides a tool set to professionals who are at various stops on their road to success of how to maximize their potential and reach their goals.  Above all the series will support the spirit of inspiration that all of us need to sustain the trials and test along the way and reinforce that belief that the sky is the limit if you have faith and are prepared to do the work.  Tune into Play Hard Playbook every first and third Monday of the month to get these inspirational pearls from business masters in their fields.  Our inaugural Inspire spotlight will feature Jamey Rootes, the president of the Houston Texans. 



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