Inspire Leadership Series with Peter Remington Publisher for Houston Luxury Magazine

Inspire Leadership Series with Peter Remington, Publisher of Houston Luxury Magazine

Inspire Leadership Series with Peter Remington, Publisher of Houston Luxury Magazine










As the publisher for Houston Luxury Magazine, Peter Remington recognizes some of the best food, clothing, cars, and living that Houston has to offer.  Throughout his journey, both personal and professional, Peter’s inspiration is now laser focused to seek and emphasize on the best of what is on the inside of a person as his passion.  Through his Prepare 4 More books and speaking engagements Peter is working on building the luxury from within and sharing his faith and experiences with a much wider audience.

Lessons from the bottom

Entry level positions can be some of the most difficult places to start as seeing the stars is almost impossible when you can’t see past the clouds in between.  Peter Remington first planted the seeds of success in a career in radio where he refused to take no for an answer.  Early on the decision was made to take any opportunity given and really know the ins and outs of the position he was assigned to.  Focusing on the potential guided Peter into charting a career path marked by growth.  By stocking up on his skill set in sales he developed confidence from himself and others in his measurable strengths.  The strengths could be sculpted and reapplied regardless of the position or field.  His career in radio demonstrated this success as he excelled and eventually ran a $72 million office for Eastman Radio.

Developing a team to propel your success

Originally Peter support for his dreams came from his supervisors and mentors within radio.  As his focus shifted, however, Peter learned to adapt his support team to the priorities he set for his own life.  Peter continues to build and cultivate a team that fed both his professional and spiritual aspirations.  Through his team and his commitment to his faith Peter receives the support, accountability and motivation he needs when facing his own hurdles from others that understand his motivation and inspiration.

Building a routine and working that routine

Up at 5 AM every day and on to workout, visualize, meditate, and write all before work can be an intimidating routine for anyone.  For Peter learning to cultivate a routine where he can really focus on motivating his mind, body and soul sets the pace for the rest of the day.  The goal in such a stringent routine is to seek to maximize his vibrations out to the world.  By focusing on developing his internal foundations first, he steps out in the world ready to share this energy with others.

Making a personal mantra

“My purpose in life is to achieve my Highest Human Potential so that I may help others achieve theirs.”

Peter has worked to develop this personal mantra that guides his thoughts and inspire his steps as he faces the challenges and successes of life.  Much like the Pledge of Allegiance this simple statement is available for quick repetition and to share with others who are building up or knocking down the obstacles he faces.  By adapting this mantra he has boiled down his actions and intentions to a simple phrase as a reminder of the reason for all of the hard work and an overall guiding star as he looks for direction for his next steps. Developing a strong and simple mantra goes a long way in warding out the distractions that are a constant in life.

Allow the wind of change to move you

The more rigid a plan is, the more likely the risk that the change winds of time will break that plan to pieces.  Peter has learned to take his concrete goals and passion and make them flexible enough to be fluid with the changing environment.  Upon completion of his first book Be:Aholic, Peter was faced with the decision to actively pursue his passion on a full time basis or make a move to the publisher for Houston Luxury Magazine.  By understanding the difference between “no” and “not right now” Peter has been able to continue to cultivate his connections and professional prowess while still actively writing and preparing for his ultimate goals as a writer and personal speaker.

Walking the line between passion and career

Even as he began his career Peter developed a success formula that was simple – Making other people successful.  In doing this Peter knew he would eventually become successful himself and was able to test and prove this philosophy several times throughout his career.  Having a passion is not guaranteed to be your career, however, any and all experiences can be a stone in the foundation of reaching ones passion.  By tacking the challenges with persistence u

ltimately Peter is able to actively pursue his passion to making others successful while ensuring his foundation is built on rock instead of sand.

Staying inspired

Staying connected to his spirituality and making a commitment to continue to seek knowledge fuel Peter’s inspiration.  By having an open conversation with God and being patient and prepared for the answer Peter abides by the following wisdom:

Prayer is when you talk to God, Inspiration is when He talks back

By keeping his mind and heart open for this communication Peter is able to look for inspiration in his reading and cultivates this knowledge and inspiration in the form of his writings, which you can find in his Daily Insights on the Prepare 4 More sight.

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