I’ll have it two ways!

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So what could possibly beat a show stopping piece of jewelry??  One that has the versatility to wear in two different styles of course!   Even in the most conservative working situations jewlry can provide a real chance to express your own sense of style in a sea of monotonous work suits.  But some statement jewlry can be so bold it really limits when and where you want to incorporate it into an outfit.  Statement jewlry rarely provides a good balance of boldness with the potential to be blend into your attire as well.  When your jewlry provides you the variety to rock it in different settings you get twice the return on your investment.  Agate Ranch + Marfa’s collection of jewlry are perfect for the busy transitions of most professional’s lives and the variety in options on how to wear it will leave you wanting more.

Creating pieces of jewlry that work for all occasions is a fairly bold claim for statement pieces but actually it is pretty modest one once you see the emotion that comes with the unique pieces of Agate Ranch + Marfa’s  collection.  First and foremost a statement piece of jewelry needs to be a knockout.  As the name suggests Agate Ranch + Marfa’s utilizes the original source of wonder in the world…Mother Earth!  The stones in the piece really set the stage for something amazing.  Each piece is masterfully crafted to allow the stones to really be centerpiece.  When beautiful stones are fashioned into amazing designs then it’s hard to not grab the eye.  In speaking with the designer and owner, Kathy Bracewell you really get sense of the beauty of the stone, Marfa agate, and the passion that goes into making each piece simple and beautiful.  Just knowing Kathy is busy at work as a gemologist, hand selecting the stones that embody fun, strength, passion, and beauty you realize why you can let a good statement piece of jewelry do the talking for you.

The jewelry makes sure eyes can’t look away not just because of the beautiful stones, but also in the pairing with the chain options that range from simple leather to sparkly chains.  The selections in the chains, starting long with the option or wrapped, highlight the possibility to double down on the fun.  When hung low you can really highlight a pretty casual outfit with a special addition.  Then pull it up to make a presentation that is a little more alluring and pull the stones (and sparkle) up higher to your face.  With a transition as easy as wrapping the necklace around your neck a jump from business professional to a fun aficionado happens seamlessly.  You may not always make an investment in fashion pieces of jewelry but when you do, make sure they pack the knockout punch you find in Agate Ranch + Marfa’s collection.

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