HYP Executive Book Club Series Class 1

Think and Grow Rich seriesStaying on a path of personal development when you are striving to reach your goals is not optional, it’s a must.  Every day challenges pop up and can quickly wear you down if you are not putting the energy into building up your reservoir so you can quickly access the tools, strength and support that you need when you will need to persevere.  The Houston Executive Book Club presented me with the perfect opportunity to build up my skill set through the exploration of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  I originally heard of this book from a friend and I have never seen someone so excited to explore a book when he mentioned it.  He is not alone in his excitement as “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most success books on personal development and success as it roadmaps the keys to success from some of the most successful business men and women of all time.

Although reading the book is part of the journey, I find the real benefit in the Executive Book Club Series the crew and captain that I am journeying with.   As I quickly learned in the book club series the leader, Peter Remington, has built a legacy of business and entrepreneurship in previous businesses and as the Chief Possibility Officer at Prepare4More and Publisher for Modern Luxury Magazine.  Peter is passionate in his desire to share the tips he has used himself with others to find and fulfill their purpose.  Having a teacher who practices what he preaches really gives you the inspiration to know you can tackle and defeat the roadblocks that stand in your way to your personal success.  The expertise in leading the group is unmistakable as he candidly share his morning routine in preparing to face each day.  His resolve to write down his intentions, what he is grateful for, how he would like the world to see him and what he wants to create every morning showed how rooted he was in making his dreams come true and inspiring other to do the same.  Just that quickly I was impressed and armed with a new tool in my own personal journey towards my dreams.

The importance of a great leader is matched only by the importance of a crew to go on the journey with.  In introductions it was amazing how many similarities I had in a room full of strangers.  Even without a common place in life or family life we all came in with an open mind and a goal of stepping to a level we had not reached by ourselves.  Finding a group of like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to learn new things and share their own experiences is invaluable and I am thrilled to see how I grown in this six week journey.

Find out more about the series and Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce Here

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