Houston International Festival 2014

ifest signThe Houston iFest is back for the next two weekends again celebrating the fun and beauty of diversity with a focus this year on Australia.  The International Festival offers a festive peek into some of the food, music and dance that defines cultures throughout the world.  Spread across several blocks in downtown Houston each street offers an opportunity to explore a new region of the world.  Vendors 2 WatchesThese streets are transformed with the music and goods of the different regions to give a glimpse at each regions cultural heartbeat.  While the festival offers a chance to explore something new in a different part of the world, it still provides the festival staples we all know and love to produce an eclectic mix of things to do and see and eat.

Without question my favorite part of the international festival are the performances on the five stages set up throughout the festival.  Where else can you enjoy different performances hourly on five different stages at one time? Heart of Texas Stage Down Under Pub Center Stage Each stage takes a different perspective on entertainment.  Some smaller stages work to both showcase and educate on the evolution of music and dance in their region.  In the vast differences in the music and dance you also learn to see the common thread of endurance and love that is shared throughout the world in the expression of dance and music.  In addition to some of the smaller stages, the World Stage and Center stage pull in some headliners from throughout the world and expand your entertainment palette.  AudienceWhether it is something new to you or an act that you love that drew you in there is nothing like relaxing in the grass or letting the music move your feet in dance as you enjoy a weekend at the festival.  Cultural Dancing Cultural Dancing 2Click here to check out the performance schedule for the rest of the festival to see what strikes your fancy.

I must confess that I am a festival junkie.  There is something addictive to me about a good mix of food, music, dancing and art.  A great festival can provide a much needed break from the hustle and bustle that work and life demand every day.  Painting Art Inspriation Me and Chy At my time in the festival I got a chance to paint with my daughter, share some of our favorite foods, enjoy performances of music and dance, and close out the night in a boogie at Tranquility Park.  Not too shabby of a feat for a Saturday evening.  You still have three days for your chance to get in on the fun and explore the country from down under with the celebration of Australia at this year’s International Festival.Tranquilty Park Sunset Downtown

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