Houston Festival Season has officially bloomed

Houston Childrens Festival 2015 6With spring officially in bloom in Houston it is now time to get up, get out and do something!!  Between a really hot summer in 2014 and a constantly flip flopping winter in 2015 it feels like a steady spring is a long time coming.  Few cities can do spring better either as with temperatures in the low 80’s it is a great time to be outside.  The end of March leading up to April is a time where along with the weather, festivals flourish in Houston.  Festivals offer a great opportunity to stretch your legs, get a great breath of fresh air and discover the surprises that are around every corner in our great city of Houston.

Houston Childrens Festival 2015 5 Houston Childrens Festival 2015 4 Houston Childrens Festival 2015 3 Houston Childrens Festival 2015 2 Houston Childrens Festival 2015 1Over the past weekend two of the most popular festivals ran to kick of the start of the spring season.  The Houston Children’s Festival and the Bayou City Art Festival both offer great food, incredible entertainment and some of the best people watching around.   The Houston Children’s Festival always has a special place in my heart because for so many years it was a way to keep kids entertained and tired after a day of activities.  Where else can you can a one stop shop for celebrity appearances, entertainment, rides, crafts, and even a huge amount of resources for you as a parent?  As if this is not treat enough for the adults, with this being Houston after all, the food will always walk hand in hand with festivals. From sausage on a stick to roasted corn to the coveted funnel cake festivals offer something for everyone in the family and a great day to spend time enjoying the weather and each other.   Likewise the Bayou City Art Festival gets you moving and engaging the family in what is art to them.  Developing this perspective early not only gets the dialogue started it helps to start expand their vision for how art reflects life in their own experiences.

Bayou City Art Festival 6 Bayou City Art Festival 5 Bayou City Art Festival 4 Bayou City Art Festival 3 Bayou City Art Festival 1If you want to make sure you catch some of the great festivals headed your way in Houston make sure to sign up for the Play Hard Playbook Newsletter or check out some of these other great resources.









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