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Painting at the Houston Children's Festival This weekend the Houston Children’s Festival rolls in to town again.  With the weather clearing up and the heat holding off it looks to be a perfect weekend to get the family out for festival fun.  I have a special love for festivals as the vibe in a good festival makes it almost impossible for you to not have a great time.  When you work in an office, most of what happens outside passes you by, making the time you get to spend outside is precious.  With people having fun and smiling all around you it is difficult to not just give into enjoying yourself and leave the stress of the life behind, even if only for a day.  The Houston Children’s Festival features a cornucopia of things kids love, from the Discovery Zone to the rides to the performances.  One of my favorite things to do is always the arts and crafts.  Taking time out to really just enjoy the short time where kids are kids and letting them express themselves through the various projects in the festival reminds us as adults exactly where our priorities should land.  Real quality time with kids can be hard to come by and this festival is a great way to share food, fun, and laughs and an overall great family experience.  Best of all this festival benefits Child Advocates.  This charity focuses on neglected and abused children and finding ways to make their environment safe and nurturing.  The fun and laughter of the festival really is a great platform for a charity that fights so every child can have periods of fun and laughter where they can just be kids.  Don’t miss the chance to get out and enjoy great fun for a great cause!

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