Hitting the open road

Hititng the open road cxrosshatchUsually my least favorite part about a road trip is the drive to get there.  This is doubly true when I am expected to do some or all of the driving.  Taking a road trip does not appeal to my impatient nature that wants to hurry up to the destination to get the party started.  On top of that I can get into a serious sleepy daze that riding in a car lulls me into.  Because of this I have skipped the road tripping days of my college years for many moons.  On my most recent trip to San Antonio, however, as the only adult in the car the driving was up to me.  To my surprise I dare say I actually enjoyed the drive.

So what has changed about my approach to hitting the open road????  Perhaps it was the chance to focus on music that I love.  Most of my time in the car involves moving from one job to another.  Plugging in my phone and jamming out to some of favorite music, as eclectic as it may be, reminded me of the joy of music.   Music that you love can transport you back in time and reconnects you to beloved memories from the past.

On the other hand perhaps the trip also gave me a chance to not be a in a rush.   Life can be overscheduled with meetings and to-do’s and time in the car can be just a necessary evil to get to the next thing on the agenda.  Instead of just looking at it as a means to an end, road trips lets you open the door to the adventure driving can be.  Especially when there are fun treats and detours on the way, like Bucee’s, road trips can put the DY-NO-MITE back into driving.

At the end of the day I think I enjoyed my road trip because of my chance to just be still and think.  Most of still time when I am thinking occurs when I am in bed in a strange mix of being tired, insomnia and worry that make me place repeat on things in my head.  On this trip driving and seeing where the sky meets the road I was able to take a step back and just see and appreciate the bigger picture.  On a daily basis my problems seem so large they are overwhelming.  On the road today, however, I was reminded the work did to make the clouds in the sky and flowers on the ground and everything in between.  That point of view is always humbling and usually straightens out both priority and problems.  Cheers to road trips, and to getting at least some of lives problems in perspective.


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