Hustle Hard

Talk about one of the most overused words in today’s culture and I would definitely submit my vote for the word hustle.  You can hear about tales of hustling on the internet or songs or just from the everyday Joe Blow.  But what does it really mean anymore?  Is hustling just reduced to tales of selling xyz on the corner or someone pushing their music at the gas station?  I’ve seen one too many of those jobs fall flat to believe that.  Hustling for me is having a goal and preparing yourself to do whatever it takes to get that goal accomplished.  What I believe gets lost in translation is the fact that that is usually not a glamorous or easy job to do.  It is a commitment to do things you enjoy and things you don’t, to take on roles that leave you overworked and underpaid, and to be able to humble yourself to push hard on the things you do well equally as the things you do horrible at.  Finally the hussling catalyst is having a thirst for knowledge as if it was water in the Sahara.

As a real estate agent I can remember listing a small retail center.  I received a lot of calls given the location and when I thought I had a caller with potential I would ask for a business plan.  That question stopped most in their tracks.  If you want to start a business, isn’t doing the background work to prepare yourself for that business equally if not more important than just showing up and doing the job?  For me it is.  Hustling for something me means jumping feet first and being prepared to swim.   It’s a comprehensive approach to being ready to work hard to reach goals and respond to the bumps in the world to prevent a detour sign from becoming a stop sign.  One can easily have a dream or work their butt off and never get to the point of their hustle.  Good hustlers should combine both dreams and action.  Being short on either of those ingredients can make your hustle come closer to just being a hassle.

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