Grits & Biscuits: The Traveling dance party and down south celebration

If you hear ’99 and the 2000’s and automatically want to hop up and relive your glory days then you might just want to perk up when you hear Grits & Biscuits is coming to your town.  Grits & Biscuits is more than just a party as it has garnered a cult like following in many cities.  It is a celebration of down south dirty music that usually you loved in a time where your life was free of responsibility and problems.   Instead your main plans revolved around what time the party started and what your fit would be for the party.  Yes that’s right the traveling dance party is a capsule of the good old days and if you now spend your days wrestling with the pain in the butt called adulting this will be the just what the doctor ordered. 

As I had long heard of the Grits & Biscuits myth I knew it was a dance party on steroids.  From celebrations in New York to Washington DC the parties normally sell out in hours if not minutes from those who miss the grit, grime and glory of a good down south party.  So I prepared my friends that sneakers were a must for the dancing that was going to be a certainty.  For its inaugural Houston event it was hosted at the House of Blues and the crowd proved that the party’s reputation had proceeded them.  From the second we walked in both the DJ and the party goers were serious about the fun they already counted on. 

From Juvenile to Trick Daddy to Outkast and lots of everything in between the beat of the party is meant to get your feet moving and your booty in the air.  With special sets from guest local DJ’s they manage to tap into a little of everyone’s preferences and as we are already in Houston they could not forget some of the Houston favorites.  To say I had a great time would be to putting it lightly as I only came up from air from the dance floor to make some rounds greeting friends.  Otherwise I was making sure to put the pass on fancy lady shoes to use and enjoy this great dance blast from my past.

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