Gotta get away?? Try these quick trip tips

IMG_0184Sometimes you just have to get away.  With the last weekend of the month quickly approaching and realizing I had not travelled at all in December, I started getting the itch to get the heck out of Dodge.  Unfortunately the desire to get away at the last minute brings up the danger of trying to travel without planning for the expense that a get away can trigger.  Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind, however.  For me it resulted in a fun day trip to San Antonio that packed some major highlights.  Here are my tips for taking a short getaway that is packed with enough fun to give the illusion of a well-planned vacation.

IMG_01621. Plan the trip around something you really have had on your to do list.  Whether it’s an attraction or a show when you start with something that you have really been meaning to do it adds instant value to your trip.  There is nothing like having purpose to make an excursion worth it.  Especially when that is something that you cannot get in your hometown.  In most states you can visit a winery or catch a cool festival within 2 to 3 hours of where you live.  I based my trip off of checking out the Lion King musical.  The show was amazing and once you do something awesome you have automatically  created a trip worth remembering.  Checking off something meaningful to you will help justify the time and expense of the trip and give you some motivation that you can sculpt the rest of the trip around.

2. Get familiar with cost saving sites.   While a lot of the sites like and may not be guaranteed, they do offer some great opportunities if you have the flexibility to take a gamble.  Even airlines and hotels offer weekly specials that may accommodate.  When you are invigorated by the spirit of adventure some of the details you may normally worry about wash away.  With an open schedule you can take the gamble at naming your own price without firm knowledge of the carrier or times and take advantage of some real price savings.

3. Fill in the rest of the trip with local (free) sightseeing.  When you are going on a planned vacation you can fill up your trip with excursions and things to do so quickly you don’t get a real chance to take a simple approach on exploring your destination.  Whether it’s a park or attraction in most cities there is something free to do that you may have normally missed.  For my trip to San Antonio I checked out the Riverwalk.  If nothing else these attractions are usually great places to relax and do some serious people watching.

IMG_01964. If all else fails there is always food.  Maybe it’s just because I am a foodie but adding some great food to almost anything makes it instantly better.  Shows like Diners, Drive Ins and Dives always peak my interest on great food in different locations and usually with prices that won’t break the bank.  If location is more important you can always use apps like Yelp to see what is recommended and close.  Yelp lead me to a spinach empanada that was to die for in San Antonio. IMG_0201 IMG_0200

One Day trips are a great way to handle smaller bucket list items and awaken your sense of adventure to take on larger challenges.  Twenty four hours is not a lot of time but it may be just enough to squeeze in some great fun, laughs and memories.




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