Getting through the birthing pains of creating a new life with Iyanla Vanzant

When I went into labor I distinctly remember thinking why didn’t anyone tell me about this. While I was in the midst of it, I thought that the feelings were something other mothers would mention first as a dire warning of the real cost it takes to being a mother.  Now, however, as those moments filled with pain and complete discomfort are over 12 years ago I  know the reason…the pain doesn’t seem as bad when you consider what you get from it.  Changes in life are similar, as horrible as they seem when you are in it, when you get a beautiful gift at the end of the road all of the heartache and pain seems to diminish.  At the Life You Want Weekend, the incomparable Iyanla Vanzant gave her unique spin on pushing through the pain to get to your new life.

Iyanla reflection on the birthing pains of a new life is a great tribute to what it takes to get through the process. She gave a simple plan for getting through the process.

Live The Life You Want Weekend, Miami1. Grace and gratitude are there as vehicles to help you get through the pain. Setting up an effective daily spiritual practice helps you tap into that grace and gratitude everyday so it is strong when you really need it.

2. The starting of the process is always jarring because it demands leaving where you are to go where you need to go. Leaving is a difficult decision because dysfunction becomes comfortable and familiar, even when you know you need to leave.  Part of leaving means forgiving yourself for staying in a place you didn’t want to be.

3.  Everything you need to give birth to the new life you already have.  The more you focus on getting through the more you realize that even when you believe you don’t the tools you need to get through have come to you in the form of experiences.  You real life is waiting at the end of the process of birth and once you commit on the journey you can rely on life as the training to endure pain required complete the journey.

At the end Iyanla said something I love about life: “You don’t need an “A” to pass. If you made it through the past then you passed”.


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