G-Star Raw Jeans offer style from block to boardroom

G Star Jean TypesLots of brand like to call their products luxury because of the price, but far less brands want to call their product luxury because of the craftsmanship.  G-Star Raw is one of the companies that pours their energy into using the best quality materials mixed with innovative design to deliver “luxury denim for the streets”.   The brand rocked by movers and shakers all over the world has landed in Houston and recently launched their grand opening in the Galleria.  The brand proves there are still mountains to move in the denim design world and transforms what you thought about the look and fit of denim to supply the comfort and extravagance that define a luxury brand.

G Star Bomber JacketThe craftsmanship of G-Star is unmistakable from the second you step in the shop.  I was instantly impressed with their flow in the store of materials, to fit, to style that take you step by step into what makes the brand so unique.   The materials not only showcase denim by find ways to play with the strength of the fabric through texture and design.  As a serial shopper I have yet to experience a 3D jacket until stepping in the G-Star door.  The color and designs are produced with care to show the variation of denim as a product but also to transform what is typical for denim designs.  No brand makes it to twenty years of innovation without looking to the future and G-Star is working to do their part in making positive changes for your environment in their fabrics.  Under the RAW Sustainable products they use denim made of Organic Cotton that reduces levels of pollutants to the environment while not skipping a beat on quality or luxury.

G Star Jeans DisplayAs if their emphasis on materials were not to bust through the luxury doorway the fit of the jeans are impeccable.  I have always had to face the battle of the budge with jeans as the overflow typically bubbles out of the top of an average jean.  G-Star, however, places an emphasis on fit that allows everyone to find the best match to not just flatter their figure but really team up with the material to make the entire look a winner.  The jeans I tried on, despite being different styles, both fit like a glove.  Not one of the “If the glove don’t fit you must acquit” type of gloves that you must battle to slide on, but something you can breathe in and feel comfortable in your own skin matched with a silhouette that fits you.  With a wide variety of styles and shapes for men and women you can map your path to your own design homerun.

G Star Customization KitG-Star seals the deal in making luxury denim in their designs.  As I wound through the store I saw everything from blazers to dresses to jeans that I could see myself in for hundreds of occasions.  I am always a woman on the go and my life frequently takes me from client meetings to drinks with friends to networking functions within a flash.  The diversity of the product line from G-Star speak to the sophistication that is needed to make those transitions smoothly and effortlessly.  To take it up a notch you can even work with G-Star on customizing the rivet and pockets and other details to be sure that you are wearing a one of a kind jeans for a one of kind look on you.  If you don’t have a pair, now is the time to explore what luxury denim has to offer with G-Star Raw.

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