Fusing fashion, music, and motivation at the Tanqueray Trunk Show

Tanqueray Trunk Show (7)Getting together innovators, movers and shakers, and influencers throughout a city all together in a celebration of the spirit of following your passion is no small feat. Last weekend, however, this feat was successfully dynamically produced with the Tanqueray Trunk Show at the stunning Astoria by the forces at Tanqueray USA and Team EpiphanyTanqueray Trunk Show (1)This invite only event not only featured some on the move designers and a ground breaking hip hop artist, it gave some real insight on the challenges and benefits of entrepreneurship through the creators perspective and with their end products on hand.

With an introduction like the Astoria as your event space, how can you go wrong?  This new premier event space was born out of the ingenuity of repurposing warehouse space off of the Washington corridor.  The space, with its dramatic setting, various bar areas, and spotlight stage, showcases the elevation of the Houston event scene.  Tanqueray added the polish to the space with a Tanqueray décor that was artistic in and of itself.  As you entered the venue and ascended the stairs you were given access to not only see what the designers had to offer but get a chance to model the brand for yourself with an invitation to walk away with one item of your choosing.

Tanqueray Trunk Show (8)The real nexus of the event occurred with a panel featuring the mastermind Curtis Coltrane from Team Epiphany along with the creators from the brands KiTH, Black Apple, and Striver’s all shared insight on the hustle and heartache in following your dreams on an entrepreneurial panel.  Sharing the vision and passion that led to creating a brand is powerful in itself, however, combing this in a room full of peers takes on a contagion that can be explosive.  Tanqueray Trunk Show (2)Environments such as this help foster the critical insight and motivation needed to continue pushing on personal journeys and is one of the best ways to bloom right where you are planted along your journey towards entrepreneurship.

As if the flowing libations and entrepreneurial inspiration was not enough, the night ended with a rousing performance by Common.  As a rapper Common is renowned for the dual complexity of his word play along with his commitment to address social issues.  His notoriety as a performer is complimented by his immense vision in taking a passion, weathering the storm, and making your passion into a business and a brand.  Tanqueray Trunk Show (6) Tanqueray Trunk Show (5)With his rousing words and flows everyone ended the night on their feet.  With a sleek combination of fashion, music, and spirits the Tanqueray Trunk Show and Common closed out their tour in Houston with the crowd urging for more.



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