Fun and Flirty

Flirty-SkirtAs a self-proclaimed fashionista I definitely have a passion for fashion.  As my blog follows my life I decided to include a section dedicated to my fashion choices.  My style is a funky mix that gives a hip spin on professional attire and eclectic when the work is done (business in the front and party in the back).  I often have to transition from a very busy day at work pretty smoothly to a business or personal function at night with a smile attached along the way.

Fun and Flirty. I always start planning my outfit with a quick look at my calendar.  With dinner with friends planned for the evening and a busy day at work I need to keep the comfort without feeling weighed down with professional attire.  For a long day of work and fun I always try to make sure I begin with shoes I can wear all day.  Of course wedges often are very comfortable.  As a bonus, boots that meet the knees often dress up an outfit.

Traditional office gear is a skirt and a jacket, but you can always modernize those classics.  I love jackets and this asymmetric suede jacket gives a youthful impression and also accentuates the waist when closed.  Designs are definitely in and the print and cut of this skirt definitely scream fun.   This jacket keeps night time options pretty open as you can wear a fun shirt under the jacket (as long as you plan on keeping your jacket on most of the day).  This way you can leave straight from work and keep the party going (or get the party started depending on how much you like your job).

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