Fighting shine control with Mary Kay Transulcent Loose Powder

Influenser Box Mary Kay

Having oily skin has always been my curse.  I start the day off with a clean wash and with my makeup applied I leave my house usually feeling flawless.  It is not until the day progresses and I do a quick pass by a mirror that I quickly realize the oil monster has taken the polished look I left the house with and turned it into an oil slick.  This problem is only magnetized when it comes time to take a picture.  It is hard to take a great pic with a face full of shine.  My options are to wipe the shine off, and along with it my flawless makeup application, or dap and pat my way to a temporary fix.  The Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder has given me a new solution to curing the shine for a full day of flawlessness.

With the Mary Kay Loose Powder you are applying a new level of absorption.  Sure there are lots of products out there on the market that make the same claim but can result in clogged pores or a heavy look to the makeup application.  It becomes pointless to solve one problem with on a bigger problem when you latter have to battle the problem skin that comes along with clogged pores, especially for oily skin.  Instead the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder offers a light powder to absorb oil but not heavy enough to clog the pores.  With easy applications you can easily go from day to night and put in a real heavy hitter in the fight against shine.

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